"He who saves a single life, it is as though he has saved the entire world."- Talmud 
“Dreams Fulfilled”
by Nannette Jacobs

The humble beginnings of Ascent may be known by many of our supporters. Eight families huddled around a kitchen table, desperate to find effective education for their fragile children. What they may not know is the profound difference Ascent has made on the lives of the families and friends of our children.

I know for our family, we can finally take a breath. Not a big one, for there are still so many mountains to conquer. Still, we are on the right road. Getting here, like Oz, was a long, hard journey. Dorothy arrived at her destination only to find new and harder struggles to overcome. Helping us along the way are our dedicated teachers who coax, tickle, dance, jump, pogo… and love our children into learning. Their tireless efforts, through the guidance of Ascent’s director, Dr. Nancy Shamow, has brought hope, progress and success to the many mundane routines parents of typical children take for granted. 

I can now see a brightness in the eyes of our child as he approaches the world with new found curiosity. So normal for all of us, but so elusive for him for so long. His need to be near his family and seek their love and attention is a moment I thought would never happen. The things he can not do no longer overwhelm us; instead; we are hopeful because of all the things he can now do. His voice grows stronger and his words grow longer. Each day brings new success, small steps into our world. Like Dorothy, he too can come home. With a lot of help from Ascent, friends and family, he comes closer to us each day.

Thank you Ascent.