"He who saves a single life, it is as though he has saved the entire world."- Talmud 
“Our Treasured Son”
by Aroza Sanjana

A birth much like every other baby, a first step much like other toddlers, but then we noticed some things that made our son special… he didn’t call out Mama or Dada, but his smile lit up the room. His hugs felt like sunshine and his brief glances were sweet as sugar. He was physically so beautiful; spiritually so attractive, but he needed our help. It takes a small army of very special people to help us raise our son to become the best that he can be.

He has come so far thanks to so many. First to God, for giving us this treasure and for guiding our hand. To our parents for devoting their retirement years to caring for him with us . To his very special teacher, Eric, who showed us there was no limit to what our son could achieve. But our beacon of hope was found in the Ascent School.

Now we dream of our son becoming an artist or a computer programmer or a partner in a business with his elder brother. We can imagine his future now without a tear coming to our eyes, but instead a smile to our faces. Thank you, Ascent, for the hope!