"He who saves a single life, it is as though he has saved the entire world."- Talmud 
Applied Behavior Analysis 
The Effectiveness of ABA

Over a span of 30 years, there is a wealth of validated and peer-reviewed studies supporting the efficacy of the ABA methodology to improve and sustain socially significant behaviors in individuals with autism. An effective ABA intervention program for young children with autism requires at least 30 hours per week of intensive, carefully planned learning opportunities in a one-to-one child:teacher format. Comprehensive evaluations documenting the efficacy of ABA-based interventions with persons with autism emerged in the 1970’s., and include studies by Lovaas, 1987; Anderson, et al, 1987; Sheinkopf & Seigel, 1998; Birnbrauer & Leach, 1993; Fenske, et al, 1985. Importantly, results reported include “meaningful” outcomes such as increased social and communication skills, academic performance and over-all cognitive functioning, and report long term retention of gains made.